How to Start a Tshirt Printing Business in

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How to Start a Tshirt Printing Business in


T-shirt printing concern is now catching the highest place within the list of companies with low investment
and high margin of profit . The demand for custom printed T-shirts has increased many fold in recent
years, making good business opportunity for entrepreneurs to settle on this to take a position in. The
main reason for this is often the growing trend and therefore the modernisation altogether the events
within the society. Initially, people focussed on fixing the environment just in case of an occasion . But,
today there’s more importance given to the costumes utilized in an occasion .
Here comes the push for more sales and wish for t-shirt printing. During this article i will be able to share
information on how you’ll start your own t-shirt printing concern with little or no investment.

Opportunities in T-Shirt printing concern
The present generation has more of kids , and this stands as a reason for the increased the amount of
orders placed for t-shirt printing. People have now shifted to customisation than buying whatever is out
there . Also, the necessity for showcasing a person’s uniqueness contributes for the orders for printing.
A business during this line will certainly earn you huge profits if wiped out the foremost appropriate way
by following effective business plan. After establishing the business, it’s you who should create your
opportunities for creating its existence a meaningful one. Opportunities in t-shirt printing concern are
found in every corner of the society, and this is often one pillar strength for this business. Not necessary
that you simply should have a typical shop, you’ll put up a stall for these printed t-shirts in malls, you’ll
also create your own online store.

You can have a T-Shirt company of your own named brand
Partner with any showrooms for printing the requested designs
Print t-shirts for patrons who plan for events like football match, celebrity live show, etc
Partnering with gift shops who sell customised t-shirts

Market Segments to focus on
Basically, teenagers structure 75% of the market segment for this. They order tee shirts for gifting
purposes, code etc. Sales which takes place here is due to the necessity for customisation.
Apart from them, social activists order such printed t-shirts to point out uniformity in their motive. Also,
schools and colleges make alittle part in ordering printed t-shirts for his or her students.

T-Shirt Printing industrial Plan

A business running in any industry would require land, labor, investment and machines. Investment
depends on the dimensions of business and therefore the execution level you’re trying to find . of these
requirements are often made general or made consistent with your financial background. i will be able to
offer you details on the machines you would like to acquire for the business, as they’re mandatory for
It is definitely a really serious issue to settle on on the machines you would like as they reflect on the

tactic to adopt too. Proper maintenance should be finished the machines so on have a continued flow of

T-Shirt Printing Methods

This is a really important element to be studied before starting the jersey or t-shirt printing concern . to
determine the precise needs of the purchasers and therefore the quality during which the t-shirt has got
to produced, an entire research on these methods is mandatory. a number of the effective methods are,
Screen printing
Heat press printing
Direct to Garment technique DTG
Sublimation technique
CAD Cut Vinyl Printing
Transfer Paper method
Heat press printing being the foremost used one for little scale t-shirt printing concern . If you would like
to start out up large scale business then you ought to accompany screen printing because cost of

printing 1 t-shirt using heat transfer method is cheaper than screen printing. But, cost of printing 100 t-
shirt using heat transfer method is dear than screen printing.

In other words,
For printing 1 t-shirt, screen printing method are going to be expensive than heat transfer.
For printing 100 t-shirts, screen printing method are going to be cheaper than heat transfer method.

In this article we’ll discuss about heat transfer method using sublimation paper. For this method
you’ll require:-
Heat press machine
Sublimation paper

Heat Press Machine

Heat press machine of size 16*20 inches are going to be an excellent one for transferring the graphics
into the t-shirt . Again, the necessity for this machine is merely once you use the tactic involving heat
press. the worth for this machine is around $300 only. There are various sorts of machines are available
within the market, you want to read reviews about all machines before making final judgment .

Sublimation Paper
A good quality paper is required for creating your designs print on the clothes . the standard of the paper
is extremely important since there are chances for the whole process to be a flop if the paper quality is

poor. A paper is claimed to be of an honest quality if the surface of the paper is smooth and non-

Printers (For printing design in sublimation paper)
These printers don’t mean the traditional paper printing ones, but essentially the printers for fabrics.
Inkjet, laser, sublimation and solvent printers are the four sorts of printers which you’ll use for the
business. Of these, solvent printers are the foremost expensive ones thanks to their procuring costs and
therefore the maintenance. Thus, i like to recommend you to not choose it for a start-up. the worth for
printer is around $300.


Computers are going to be needed for graphic designing and other operations within the company.
Inventory, billing and other functions requiring digital support brings the necessity for a computer in your
company. A well-trained, professional graphic designer are often appointed to hold out all the activities of

Steps Involved in T-shirt Printing

Heat press printing method is extremely simple. The steps involved during this method are as follows:-
Create a design in your computer
Print that style in sublimation paper
Switch on heat press machine and wait until it heats up
Put t-shirt in heat press machine and put sublimation paper on t-shirt
Press the machine for 10 seconds and therefore the design will get printed on t-shirt fabric
Thats all, you’re done.

Heat press machines can both be manual and automatic . Hence, a 1 which is operated automatically
are going to be an efficient and appropriate one for your business. Heat press is essentially a machine
which generates heat and pressure to print the planning on the material . to form it more understandable,
it works just like the Xerox .

Types of Inks utilized in t-Shirt Printing
Printing may be a very simple thing, but the sort of ink should be of a far better choice. a number of inks

are exclusively used with the request of consumers and these inks might escalate the costs of the t-
shirts. a group of 6 printing inks of the essential quality may approximately cost $100.

Neon inks
Foil and metallic inks
Shimmer inks
Soft hand inks
Discharge inks

Stencils or Templates

Regular designs and templates are often procured in bulk for designing the t-shirts with common and
basic prints. These templates may additionally be put in your showcase for creating your customers
know the supply of varied designs you’ve got .

How To Decide Pricing

Pricing should vary for every order and every design. this is often because, quantity decides the worth of
every unit. If you’re getting to sell it wholesale, then the worth at which you sell should have less profits. If
the number is a smaller amount , then the margins are often desirable.
Remember to take care of the standard of the printed t-shirt as they’ll be compared with the costs at
which you offer. Take into consideration your t-shirt printing machines cost, operating cost , labor needed
for one jersey or t-shirt to be printed, the append it, and therefore the ink used while fixing the worth .

Register Your Business
Like all the business, you’ll need the trade license to work t-shirt or jersey printing concern . The trade
license are often obtained from an area office and this license legally allows the existence your business.
Get a checking account and complete all tax formalities after company registration.

The colours during which they’re printed should be checked with the pre-mentioned specification.
Inspection makes your customers come to you again and again. this is often the one which builds trust in
your company and thereupon people accept albeit your pricing is small high.

In the end, t-shirt printing concern serves to be a really good option for young minds. i discussed the
term “young minds” to stress the very fact that t-shirt printing requires fresh ideas instead of the
prevailing ones or the traditional ideas.
Make a correct business plan for all of your operations within the business. Finance should be decided
before hand and therefore the activities should take only that much budgeted money.
Marketing efforts should even be given maximum importance. Use social media for promotion.
Initially, make your processes simple with very easily adaptable regulations. this may enable your
employees to possess a far better work environment. Have brainstorming sessions as and when
possible in order that you generate new ideas making your business stand unique within the market.

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